A man's never-ending fight against nature takes a dramatic, but fun, turn when he discovers a new invention.
An absurdist look at technology and taking joy in the little things.
About Leaf:
A good idea never goes to waste, and this short film intended for the short film festival circuit proves it. Having spent over a decade in my head, it’s a tribute to the lessons I learned from my grandfather who truly is a pioneer in the digital filmmaking. 
Using a skeleton crew, we managed to create a product that stands on the same level as our regular productions. 
Camera-wise we chose the SIGMA fp. As a brand new platform it oozes potential, and gives a very impressive dynamic and color range which easily rivals rivals such as the  ARRI Alexa LF and the Sony Venice. Paired with the incredible SIGMA Cine Primes, the ProRes RAW images are gorgeous to look at.
Music was composed by Efteling legend René Merkelbach, who created a complete symphonic score, which was then performed by members of the ConForte orchestra. 

A short film by Kris Van de Sande 
Starring André Van de Sande as The Caretaker 
Music Composed by René Merkelbach 

Prop Master: Astrid Van Canneyt 

Colourist: Prateek Srivastava (True Colorz)
Digital Compositors: Serhiy Protensko & Viacheslav Degtar 
Motion Graphics: Timo Vandiest & Gavin Grant 

Music Recording & Audio Mixing: René Merkelbach 
Score Editor & Recording Supervisor: An De Cleyn 
Assistant Music Recording: Anouk Verdonk 
Assistant Audio Editor & Mixing: Paul Sprangers 
Music Recorded at Audiocult 

Music Performed by ConForte 
An De Cleyn: Clarinet, French Horn & Cornett 
Tine Huybrechts: Flute & Piccolo 
Barthold Pieters: Violin & Viola 
Peter Vanden Berghe: Bassoon & Whistling 
Maarten Van den Broeck: Oboe 
Shot on location at Bokrijk & Kuringen 

Created with SIGMA fp 
SIGMA Benelux Lenses provided by ES Broadcast Media 
Grip provided by Mediarent 
Soundtrack available on Flexatune Records
Technical Specs
Camera: SIGMA fp
Lenses: SIGMA Cine Primes: 14, 24, 35, 50, 105, 135
Recording: 4K ProRES RAW on a prerelease build on the Atomos NINJA V
The production of this short film happened during the COVID-19 pandemic. The production crew was kept to an absolute minimum and took every possible precaution including wearing masks, including talent when not on camera, practicing proper social distancing and cleaning props, surfaces and catering during the duration of production. Whenever possible, meetings were virtual to avoid face to face meetings.
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