The past and present seamlessly blend together at the Jenevermuseum in Hasselt. As a working museum they not only focus on creating one of the best jenevers, distilled with authentic late 19th century procedures, but also educating each guest about the rich history of Jenever. 
Their latest project is the Spirit Detector. An augmented reality app showing five ghosts from the past: the director of the distillery, the master-distiller and his apprentice, a bottler and the manservant.
Our task was to come up with a campaign to tell the story of the app with time travel, cast models, create key visuals and coordinate retouching and design. 
As usual we delved deep into their archives and found several historic photos and poses we recreated. We also created a portrait for each character, in color, black & white, a daguerreotype and a victorian paper print. 
Portrait Series (Colour)
Portrait Series (Daguerreotype)
Portrait Series (Victorian Photo Print)
Augmented Reality App Assets
Historical reference courtesy of Jenevermuseum
Client: Jenevermuseum - Stad Hasselt
Photographer: Kris Van de Sande
Make-Up & Styling: Jenny Peters - Creative Content
1st Assistant: Nele Bellings
Talent: Koen Vlaeyen, Marc Van de Sande, Daniël Dieks, Veronique Flawine, Jasper Orens
Executive Producer: Davy Jacobs, Wivina De Bus
On-Set Producer: An De Cleyn
Retouching: Fourside
Costuming: Huis Bayens
Shot on Hasselblad X1D & X1D II
Lighting: Profoto
Behind The Scenes
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